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15 June 2012

The Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has a simple main dashboard that gives you access not only to your own blogs, but also to other blogs that you choose to follow. Well, theoretically. The All blogs link does not appear to work, but when you click the Add button, you're allowed to enter a URL to follow.

Blogger Main Dashboard

The New Blog button lets you create a new blog. Clicking on one of your blog names will take you to the dashboard for that blog. Alternatively, clicking on the pencil will allow you to create a new post for the associated blog; clicking on the papers will take you to the post list for that blog; clicking on the down-arrow will allow you to go directly to the blog information that you're interested in; and clicking on View blog will take you to that blog's page.

The dashboard for a specific blog gives you several options.

Blogger Blog Dashboard

Across the top, via icons, you have quick access to all of your blogs, creating a new post for the current blog, viewing the posts for the current blog, and viewing the current blog's page.

A column on the left gives you menu access to the following functionality:
  • New post allows you to create a new post.
  • Overview shows you recent traffic on your blog.
  • Posts lists all of your posts and allows you to edit, view, or delete any of them. Posts can either be drafts or published.
  • Pages allows you to manage static pages as opposed to posts.
  • Comments allows you to manage comments posted by readers.
  • Stats gives you traffic information on posts. This includes page views; traffic sources by URLs, sites, and keywords; and audience by country, browser, and operating system.
  • Earnings gives you information about Google advertising earnings if you sign up for it.
  • Layout allows you to edit the theme that you chose and affect the way it looks on your blog's pages.
  • Template allows you to choose a theme for your blog. There are options in the following categories: Dynamic Views, Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc., Watermark, Ethereal, and Travel. As of this writing there are 34 themes.
  • Settings allows you to edit your blog preferences.

All in all, navigating the menus and setting up a new blog are fairly straightforward. It took me only a few hours to get my first blog set up and the first post published.

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