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15 June 2012

The WordPress Dashboard

 WordPress Main Dashboard

 WordPress has a tabbed main dashboard that gives you access to the following:
  • New Post gives you quick access to creating a post for your primary blog. The post layout is determined by the type of post you choose: text, photo, video, quote, or link.
  • Reader is where you can link up with friends or search by topic and find other blogs to follow.
  • Notifications is where you can see who likes or has commented on your posts, followed your blog, or reblogged your posts. You can also see awards given to you for things like getting 5 likes, for example.
  • Stats gives you information about traffic to your site, including At A Glance, Views by Country, Top Posts & Pages, Clicks, Referrers, Tags & Categories, Search Engine Terms, and Totals, Followers & Shares.
  • My Blog gives you access to your blogs and allows you to create a new one.
  • Freshly Pressed shows the latest blog posts at WordPress.

WordPress Blog Dashboard

The dashboard for a specific blog has a wealth of menu options.
  • Dashboard gives you access to site statistics, comments you've made, your blogs, blogs that you follow, plus any connections you have.
  • Store gives you paid access to upgrades, premium themes, and domains.
  • Posts shows you a list of posts and allows you to edit, view, and delete them. You can also add a new post, copy a post, or manage your categories and tags.
  • Media allows you to manage the images that you've uploaded.
  • Links allows you to manage a list of links to things you're interested in.
  • Pages allows you to manage your static pages (as opposed to posts).
  • Comments allows you to manage comments made on your blog.
  • Feedbacks allows you to manage feedback on your blog.
  • Polls allows you to manage polls that you can create if you have an account with
  • Ratings allows you to enable or disable the ability of readers to give star ratings to posts, pages, or comments.
  • Appearance gives you access to thousands of themes, both free and paid, along with widgets, menu creation, header and background customization, paid custom design, fonts, and CSS, and Mobile and iPad options and settings.
  • Users lets you manage the people who are allowed to maintain the blog.
  • Tools allows you to install a bookmarklet to help you grab things off the web, convert categories to/from tags, post by email, and verify webmaster tools.
  • Settings allows you to adjust your blog preferences.

Navigating through all these menus and getting my first blog set up and the first post published took me quite a while, but it was all done in an afternoon.

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