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13 July 2012

Art in New Orleans

Picture This

I was in New Orleans recently and enjoyed seeing artwork in several types of places throughout the downtown area.

First off, there are numerous galleries all over the French Quarter, especially on Royal and Chartres streets. Following are a few that piqued my curiosity.

This picture was in the Martin Lawrence Gallery, which had some very pretty things. This gallery has locations all over the world and sells art that is not specifically related to New Orleans.

Martin Lawrence Gallery

These Dr. Seuss pieces were for sale at the Angela King Gallery, which displays works from many different artists.

Dr. Seuss art - Angela King Gallery

I really liked this lovely picture of a tatooed woman at The Shop New Orleans, which had some very interesting pieces from several artists.

Tatooed Woman - The Shop New Orleans

The body painting in the Craig Tracy Fine Art Body Painting Gallery, done by local artist Craig Tracy, is absolutely stunning.

Craig Tracy Body Painting

I found quite a few items I really liked in the Jamie Hayes Gallery. I'm especially fond of the turtle. (Here are some reviews on TripAdvisor.)

Jamie Hayes Gallery Jamie Hayes Gallery

Terrance Osborne's distinctly New Orleans flavor is evidenced in his paintings at Terrance Osborne's NOLA Art Gallery.

Terrance Osborne's NOLA Art Gallery Terrance Osborne's NOLA Art Gallery

The Courtyard Gallery offers an interesting twist: New Orleans scenes carved into old doors and then painted.

The Courtyard Gallery The Courtyard Gallery Door Detail

Aside from galleries, you can find local art in general merchandise stores like The Crabnet, where my husband often buys high-quality Aloha shirts. These prints were created by Daniel Rhodes.

Daniel Rhodes prints

My husband bought me this wonderful metal necklace at the Rhino Contemporary Crafts Co. in The Shops at Canal Place.

Metal Lizard Necklace

As can be seen from the following pictures, another place to find artists and their work is around Jackson Square, especially on the weekend. Artists set their artwork up along the fence and most of them have an easel set up where they're working on their next piece.

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Jackson Square art

Occasionally one will also run across art on vehicles and buildings.

Vehicle art Holiday Inn Clarinet Art

New Orleans is a great place to visit and experience art, whether as a collector, or simply as a viewer. If you're unable make it to New Orleans, then I suggest Paris, France as the next best thing. ;-)

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