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03 October 2012

GIMP Magazine

GIMP Magazine Issue 1

There's a new kid on the block called GIMP Magazine. Issue 1 was published in September. It contains highlights of several artists; an article about Ian Muttoo, a photographer who uses GIMP and UFRaw exclusively; a list of essential GIMP resources; a photography gallery; an article about photography by Tim Stocker; a review of GIMP 2.8; and a tutorial from master GIMP user, Ludovic Celle. It looks professionally done and is free to download.

According to their web site, the first draft of Issue 2 is complete and there's a call for content for Issue 3.

It's great to see GIMP get its own magazine. I enjoy using it and any tips, techniques, and tutorials are always welcome.

Check it out via the link above!

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