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04 September 2013

GIMP Magazine Issue 4

GIMP Magazine Issue 4

News Flash!

GIMP Magazine Issue 4 is now available. You can download it for free, or buy a print or tablet copy.

The featured article this issue is an interview with Christopher Mark Perez, a master of photography and portraiture.

Other items include:

  • An article on reflections photography
  • A tutorial on creation of a triptych
  • An article about the first year of GIMP Magazine
  • Issue 2 of The Hunt for Wilber comic
  • A gallery of photography by Rolf Steinort
  • A gallery of artwork by various people in the GIMP community
  • A tutorial on vignetting
  • A tutorial on creating the look of a vintage photo
  • A master class tutorial on portraiture
  • A review of the book Instant GIMP Starter by Fazreil Amreen

This issue contains some gorgeous images along with interesting tips and techniques. Don't miss it!

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