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11 December 2013

GIMP Magazine Issue 5

GIMP Magazine Issue 5

News Flash!

GIMP Magazine Issue 5 is now available. Download it for free!

The featured article this issue is an interview with Pat David, a talented dabbler in image manipulation techniques. There is also a full tutorial by Pat on portrait retouching, including instructions for both RawTherapee and GIMP.

Other items include:
  • A master class tutorial describing a Gum over Palladium technique
  • Results of the GIMP Photography Challenge at Meet the GIMP!
  • An article that speculates on whether GIMP is becoming the world's most dominant image manipulation software
  • A gallery of photography
  • A gallery of illustration
  • A review of the Tux Paint drawing software

There's a lot of interesting information in this issue. Be sure not to miss it!

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