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06 December 2012

GIMP Magazine Issue 2

GIMP Magazine Issue 2

Hot off the press!

GIMP Magazine Issue 2 is now available. You can download it for free, or buy a print or tablet copy. There's also a director's cut and a feature on EP Daily.  They are 19 minutes into the show.

The main feature in the magazine is a master class tutorial by Yeshua Nel with a story wrapper about Wilber by Dave Lepek.

Other articles include:
  • A feature about David Revoy 
  • A glimpse of artwork by Martín Eschoyez, Przemyslaw Geremek, Maria Wendt, and Jeremy Gooch
  • A tutorial about creating a graphic novel by Madeleine Fisher 
  • A tutorial about oil painting by Susanne Bur
  • A tutorial about designing professional brochures by Steve Czajka 
  • A tutorial about using a graphics tablet with GIMP by Rolf Steinort
  • A book review of The Artist's Guide to GIMP by Oma Dial

This issue is gorgeous. Don't miss it!

03 December 2012

GIMP 2.8 Tutorial: Which Tool Should I Use to Crop a Photo? — Conclusion

GIMP Casual User Series — Comparison of Photo Cropping Tools

This is the final article in the series about which tool to use to crop a photo. If you've been following along, you'll have seen that there are three tools that can be used in GIMP to crop photos: the Crop Tool, the Rectangle Select Tool, and the Ellipse Select Tool.