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12 March 2015

How to Customize Products at Zazzle

I have been posting my art and photography on products for sale at Zazzle for a few years now. Using their design creation and customization tools has become second nature. But as I think back, I realize how much of a learning process there was and how some customers may feel intimidated by the tools or may be reluctant to experiment with them. Here, then, are two Zazzle product customization user manuals that show how to customize products at Zazzle.

Zazzle provides two methods for customizing a product: a design template and a full set of customization tools. A design template is a list of image layers and text fields which appear only if created by the designer and which allow a customer to make simple changes to the design. The full set of customization tools is available via a Customize it! link if the designer has not turned off this feature. These tools provide numerous ways to add, change, and remove various aspects of the design.

In order to keep this post, and the manual pages, to a reasonable length, I have posted the two manuals to separate pages. The first manual explains how to use a design template; the second one, which is quite lengthy, explains all of the tools available for full customization. Below are links to the two manuals plus links to all of the sections of the full customization manual.

  0 – Introduction
  1 – Using the Art View
  2 – Understanding Image and Text Layers
  3 – Adding Image and Text Layers
  4 – Changing Image and Text Layers – General
  5 – Moving Image and Text Layers
        5-1 – Moving Image and Text Layers in the XY Plane
        5-2 – Moving Image and Text Layers in the Z Plane
  6 – Rotating Image and Text Layers
  7 – Resizing Image Layers
  8 – Formatting Text Layers
  9 – Changing the Background Color
10 – Customizing Designs with Multiple Sides or Areas
11 – Using the Edit Menu
12 – Using the Advanced Options