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09 October 2013

GIMP Quickie No. 3 – Creating a Pencil Sketch from a Photo

Step 1

  • Load photo into GIMP.
  • Colors > Desaturate
  • Luminosity
  • OK

Luminosity Desaturation
Luminosity Desaturation

Step 2

  • Duplicate layer (Ctrl+Shft+D)
  • Colors > Invert
  • Layer Mode: Dodge

Dodged Inverted Layer
Dodged Inverted Layer

Step 3

  • Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  • Blur Radius: 11.0
  • OK

(NOTE: Depending on the size of your image you may need more or less blurring. Adjust to taste.)

Pencil Sketch Effect
Pencil Sketch Effect

Step 4 (Optional)

  • New Layer (Ctrl+Shft+N)
  • Layer Mode: Multiply
  • Select a color and a brush and start painting using the pencil sketch backdrop as a guide.

Painting Practice
Painting Practice

This is a cool technique you can use to practice your painting skills or to create coloring sheets for kids.


This technique was described in an article called Real-World Brush Effects by Rich Harris in the September 2003 issue of Photoshop User.


You can accomplish a similar effect by using GIMP's Filters > Artistic > Photocopy filter after desaturating the image. It has four adjustments: Mask radius, Sharpness, Percent black, and Percent white.

The G'MIC plugin has several pencil sketch-type filters that create different results than that described above, but are worth playing with to get interesting effects. To name a few, on the Artistic menu are Colored Pencils, Graphic Novel, and Pen drawing. And on the Black & white menu are BW Steampunk-Pen, Charcoal, Ink wash, Pencil, and Pencil portrait (very nice!).

(Please note: All images in this tutorial are provided for instructional purposes only. I am not giving permission for copying, transmitting, selling, or otherwise using these images for any purpose other than practicing using Inkscape. Exception: Posting an unaltered image to your website for display only with credit given to me and a link provided back to this post is allowed.)

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