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Zazzle Design Template Manual

How To Customize Zazzle Products Using a Design Template

If you are a customer looking for help on using design templates to customize products on Zazzle, then this manual is for you. 

December 2016 - Please Note - Zazzle continually makes changes to the layout of product pages making it impossible for me to keep the screenshots matching the current views; however, the concepts discussed below remain the same even though they might be presented differently, so you may still find the descriptions below helpful.

A design template is a list of image layers and text fields which appear only if created by the designer and which allow a customer to make simple changes to the design on a Zazzle product. When provided, the design template for a product appears in a column on the right side of the product page. It may contain one or more icons showing image layers and one or more text fields. These elements may appear in any order. Only a few are shown automatically. You can click on the More link to see all of the customizable elements. (More will then change to Less.)

Zazzle Design Template

Image icons have Change and Clear links below them. Clicking on a Change link opens the Add Image dialog, which allows you to choose an image to replace the corresponding image layer. Images may be found in your account's image library, or may be imported from your computer, your Google Drive account, or from Instagram. Clicking on the Upload New Images button is the same as clicking on My Computer. Simply select an image from any of these locations, then click on the OK button cause the image replacement.

Zazzle Add Image Dialog

You do not have any control over the size used for the replacement image. It is adjusted to fit in a manner pre-determined by the designer. In this example, I replaced the shamrocks with white polka dots.

Zazzle Product Image Replacement

Clicking on Clear simply removes that image layer. In this example, I removed the black and white blocks while leaving the shamrocks alone. The background is now black because the designer (me, in this case) set the background color to black while creating this design. The background color cannot be changed via the design template.

Zazzle Product Image Removal

Text fields allow you to change or remove the specified text. In this example, I removed the name and changed the initial to 'C'.

Once you have made all the changes you want, simply click on the Add to Cart button to purchase your personally customized creation, or click on the Save link 
if you're logged in to save your creation to your Saved Designs list so you can come back and work on it some more at another time or purchase it when it's on sale.

TIP: There is no link or button provided to reset the design back to its original state; however, you can do this by simply hitting the refresh button of your browser.

TIP: The current state of your changes to the design will be saved only if you are logged in to a Zazzle account. If you are not logged in and you leave the page, your changes will be lost. If you are logged in, your changes will be saved automatically at certain time intervals. You can do an explicit save by clicking on the Save link above the design template section. Your customized products that are in-progress can be found on the Saved Designs page of your account. Hover the mouse pointer over your icon at the top of the page to find links to your account's pages.

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